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Engineers in demand by industry today possess a broad mix of math and science tools coupled with professional skills in communication, teamwork, and a “big picture” understanding of project management. Private firms, public agencies, and laboratories working toward modern energy solutions deal with multiple aspects of energy systems that require a firm understanding of these concepts, as well as an ability to communicate with colleagues working across traditional disciplinary lines. This professionally-oriented master’s degree is housed in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering under the academic supervision of the Energy and Sustainability Engineering (EaSE) Council.

The Master of Engineering in Engineering with concentration in Energy Systems degree from Illinois provides a broad interdisciplinary education in energy systems for a variety of professional career-track students.


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Summer term: April 1 (all applicants) 

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windmills on the UIUC campus at sunset - photo by Fred Zwicky
Photo by Fred Zwicky